HERBAL MEDICINE and their use in the clinic.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING HERBAL MEDICINES Herbal medicines are safe and very effective. There is an herbal solution to almost every health problem.  Nowadays, they are valued in every country on this  planet. Furthermore, today we have the scientific validation and production of these natural medicines. These natural remedies play an important role in my practice,


How can acupuncture have so many health benefits? Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease pain, lower inflammation, and successfully treat a wide range of diseases, as well as increase health, mobility and well-being! This is a far-reaching claim. But it is one reason why acupuncture is used all over America now, as well as every


Acupuncture is used all over the planet for its safe and comfortable treatment of a variety of chronic pain–back, neck, head, and joints. But it is also used to relax the highly stressed, very busy modern population. Of course, stress is a part of life, and we cannot do away with life’s many demands and


This paper on Lyme is the first of many articles about disease conditions from a broad holistic perspective, one that is deeply influenced by Asian and natural medicine. If one looks at all diseases from this perspective a much fuller picture evolves and a deeper understanding. Finally, a practical way of preventing or treating that