How can acupuncture have so many health benefits? Reduce stress, lower blood pressure, decrease pain, lower inflammation, and successfully treat a wide range of diseases, as well as increase health, mobility and well-being! This is a far-reaching claim. But it is one reason why acupuncture is used all over America now, as well as every major city of the planet. Furthermore, it benefits health without side-effects or dangers.

It is gentle and safe. People often fall asleep during acupuncture sessions.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent, performing thousands of functions each second, and maintaining health and all functions every day–as long as we do not abuse it. Our bodies are a super computer of a skill and speed and integration that is beyond belief. Each cell is a miracle. Each function: for example, the eye or the brain or the heart. Each has thousands of books written about it. Each cell, which is invisible to the naked eye, is a sophisticated mini-computer with its own genetic material. Acupuncture taps into the remarkable intelligence of the body: it taps into the nervous system and brain –harmonizing and adjusting. The body performs thousands of functions each second, it heals and maintains; it self-regulates. It has its own powerful intelligence that is like a thousand computers. Acupuncture taps into this living intelligence. Acupuncture points are like powerful switches in the diverse computer abilities of the body. A good acupuncturist knows what points to do for each person and problem. So when, in the past, people would raise their eyes when hearing about acupuncture; they would think it is nonsense. No longer.

Not only has the use of acupuncture increased dramatically over the past twenty years, but it has gained respect because it fits into an important nitch in modern health care. One major fact has, until recently, been overlooked. In its vision of health and healing acupuncture is ahead of the model of conventional medicine. Current medicine is still in the physio-chemical model: it has yet to catch up to the quantum, holistic model. Therefore, it still relies almost completely on chemical drugs which, while they work some of the time, adversely effect the ecology of the body and planet. Acupuncture is in complete harmony with the progressive quantum, holistic model.  Healing is based on the remarkable healing capacities of a human bio-computer. The body is intelligent, alive,integrated and all its thousands, yes millions, of functions are integrated and harmonized by the remarkable intelligence of the human bio-computer.

Acupuncture theory not only thoroughly understands this important fact, it utilizes this in daily healing sessions around the planet.

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