American Acupuncture has been serving the South Shore since 1984. Licensed Acupuncturist Louis Vanrenen offers quality acupuncture sessions and body work. Each session is one hour long, comprehensive and comfortable. Most people relax, even sleep. Also offered is acupressure, muscle work to relieve tension, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, holistic counseling and herbal medicine. The setting is quiet and relaxing with pleasant music.

Acupuncture treats a wide variety of health problems including neck and lower back pain, pain anywhere in the body, stiffness and lack of mobility, arthritis, headaches, digestive problems, sinus pain, anxiety, depression, and lack of energy.

A special kind of treatment is the wellness treatment, or “tune-up,.” for relaxation and optimal health. These are very popular with many people who are proactive about health and wellness.

Acupuncture is currently used in every city and state, and many hospitals. Many celebrities and athletes love acupuncture. At American acupuncture there is a full, comprehensive treatment, no red tape, no lines, and quality time. It is important for people to know that the treatments are more than needles, and that, when used, the needles are tiny and painless. Sometimes acupressure and muscle work are used instead.

We offer several rooms for relaxing healing. Here’s a look:

For newcomers, we first take the time to complete a personalized assessment of your conditions. We seek to understand your background and the root cause of pain and stress. We’ll explain the methods we use and help answer any questions you may have. Our number one goal is to restore harmony to your body and mind.


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Please contact us in advance for an appointment. For location and directions, click here.

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  1. Thank you Louis for helping me with the depression – the sadness was washed away.
    And I thought you were only good at fixing back pain…
    Thanks for the relief

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