Acupuncture is used all over the planet for its safe and comfortable treatment of a variety of chronic pain–back, neck, head, and joints. But it is also used to relax the highly stressed, very busy modern population. Of course, stress is a part of life, and we cannot do away with life’s many demands and stresses. What we call stress can also be a creative demand; to finish a project, to find a new partner, or to complete daily chores. But there is some kinds of stress, what we call high stress, that is consistent and sometimes overwhelming: driving everyday on a busy highway, a ongoing job conflict, a friend who is sick, financial concerns, and unexpected life transitions. Sometimes all these stresses and demands happen at the same time! There are many ways to cope, to transcend the sense of panic: .Acupuncture is one good and reliable tool, as many people have discovered over the past decades.

How does is accomplish this? A good acupuncturist allows a full hour for treatment, and in that way the patient can really chill out, what we  call Zone Out.  A full hour also allows for a complete treatment: both sides of the body, perhaps some acupressure, cupping, moxa heat therapy, and relaxing music. Acupuncture slows down the nervous system, engages the person in an alpha state, that is deep relaxation. Muscles soften, blood pressure drops and thoughts disengage. There are specific points that promote relaxation, and these can be on the hands, wrists, ear, feet, and along the spine. The acupuncturist will tailor the treatment for a the person, and in that way reach optimal effect. Prolonged high stress is a strain on all the organs, the brain and, of course, the person, and can lead to serious diseases. One reason why acupuncture has become so popular is that it helps highly stressed patients through their transition, whatever that is, and does so without any side effects. Now an acupuncturists might also advise a patient about other tools: diet, supplements, nutrition, meditation, tai chi, herbal medicine and doctors visits. Sometimes we call this kind of relaxation treatment the wellness treatment or the “tune-up” And as many people can attest, it is a true and wonderful “:tune-up”/

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