NEWS FROM MY OFFICE: I am proud to say that my new location has worked out very well, after much work and adjustments.  I have been here for almost seven years, after 25 years in previous office.  This next September I will reach a landmark date: 36 years of acupuncture/ holistic medicine. I was one of the first acupuncturists licensed in this state, one of the last to study with Dr. So, considered the father of acupuncture in America. It is no exaggeration to say that no medical doctor in this state has my expertise, and few acupuncturists. I have greatly expanded my experience and knowledge that past few years, studying such fields as Chi Kung and holistic herbal prescribing.

I enjoy doing the whole body approach to acupuncture, including spinal tune-up and wellness treatment. Most of you have experienced the benefits of his approach. This will remain the focus of my practice, but I am adding a new method.

I have been using herbal medicines for forty years now: for myself, family, and many of my clients: one of the few health practitioners to study and use herbal medicines from America and Asia and Europe.  I am very familiar with the best herbal manufacturers in America. The herbs I use are made my reputable America companies. I rarely purchase herbs from China as they have poor regulations. I purchase organic, potent and well-balanced formulas.

 I am beginning to expand my use of constitutional herbal prescribing because there are so few people trained to use herbal medicines in a holistic method; please see my web site:

 I have also written a book on herbal medicine. This kind of herbal prescribing will be available for those who  request it; it is a consultation separate from an acupuncture wellness treatment. It also includes a comprehensive health review: nutrition, examination of doctor’s tests and conclusions, specialized exercises.

 Currently I am doing advanced study in herbal medicine and acupuncture, which go together so well, studying with several masters including Giovanni Maciocia who has written the basic textbooks for Oriental medicine. Giovanni is well-respected around the planet for his extraordinary knowledge and experience.

 I am also involved in an advanced study of what I consider the pinnacle of medicine—fu zhen therapy—part of Chinese medicine for several thousand years. Fu Zhen therapy uses herbal formulas, acupuncture, nutritional therapy, daily food, and specialized exercises to enhance the immune system, health and longevity of a person. Fu Zhen therapy is good for everyone but particularly for those people over sixty, and is aligned with the time honored tradition of vigorous and healthy elderly years.

 As you all know acupuncture has really caught on in America; it is used by the general public in every state of the Union, and by celebrities and athletes for many different problems. In my opinion acupuncture’s best attribute is to harmonize the whole body, thus execute one of the chief values of Fu Zhen therapy.

 The next step in America is a general acceptance of constitutional herbal medicine, the highest form is that which has come out of China—not modern China, but the ancient traditions that still live on. Back in the 7th and 8th century, the Chinese had an extremely high civilization and during this era the foundations of advanced herbal/acupuncture medicine were laid down. We still value and learn from these ancient masters who were wise and skilled in healing.

 Consult my web site for more information: American-acupuncture



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