Ecological medicine is a theme shared by quite a few people in America. Today we all see drastic changes in the quality of medicine, the care of the earth and our children, and the quality of food and farms. Ecological medicine takes a big perspective: it includes all, from the soil we grow our food, to the care of the water, to the way we medically treat children and the elderly, to the treatment ( really abuse) of farm animals. Now it no longer makes sense to treat one part well, when they are all interrelated. Why would you go to a gym and eat well, when the food you eat exploits the earth and people? Why do we give so many pharmaceuticals to children, and the elderly? Sensible, safe alternatives exist. Do people know that much of our meat comes from large agribusiness farms where animals are mistreated and injected with antibiotics and steroids? 

Conventional medicine is good and effective to a point, but it has no reverence for the ecological spirit which is scientific. No research money goes to alternatives like herbal medicine and other safe methods that have been used for centuries. Conventional medicine claims to be scientific in intent, but the bottom line is money, and this is shameful. It is part of the big machine, we all are, which is mowing down the integrity of the earth and human beings. 

I have seen, for example, remarkable results treating children with safe gentle holistic methods, and relying far less on pharmaceuticals. I did this with my own children, Ariana and Gabriel. For forty two years, from birth to twenty-one they never had an antibiotic, in fact, no pharmceuticals, except in one emergency. FOR CHILDREN medical care centers around five methods: 1) love and care 2) healthy diet but nothing purist 3) homeopathic or herbal medicines when sick 4) common sense like adequate sleep and exercise. 5) occasional check-ups with the MD. My children attended the local school system but never caught the “bugs” that afflict every other child! They never had ear infections, never even came close to having tubes put in their ears–too common now! Most doctors would not even believe my track record. It is possible, not easy. It is possible to treat children with far less pharmaceuticals. Ecological medicine should be the foundation of child care.

So many questions. What will be the effect on humans and the earth of so many antibiotics and other drugs, all synthetic chemicals–never before used on the earth with such abundance, and such ignorance. Why the increase in autism? And a host of other strange diseases that afflict children? Why so so much attention deficit disorder? What will be the long term effect of drugs like ritalin, given commonly to children, which is basically an ampthetamine? Children are very precious, they are our present and future. Their bodies are strong and resilient but more delicate than adults. They need the best care, not just immunizations, antibiotics and the battery of tests: but access to safe alternative methods like herbal medicine and  homeopathy, wholesome diet with fewer chemicals and untreated meats, and, of course, respect and love every day. 

FUTURE TOPICS:  What are super foods and why should we consume them everyday?  Why is there cancer and what should we do? What is the approach of ecological medicine to cancer? 







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