In my prior post I introduced the topic of ecological medicine and compared it to conventional medicine, which centers around the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

In America today the practice and philosophy of ecological medicine is foreign to conventional medicine. It is up to us, the people and the victims, to learn more, educate and, if possible, influence the system, whichis not working well in regard to care for the body, spirit and earth. 

Ecological medicine respects modern scientific medicine, and encourages people to educate themselves so that they use this system to the best advantage. Above all, we can prevent many small and large health problems with nutrition, herbal medicines and healthy living. But there are times when we need to see our doctors, have check-ups, and, if necessary, testing. Ecological medicine promotes self-sufficiency and individuality. We need to be our own healers and help heal others, whatever our profession. 

 Conventional medicine, however, is not at fault; that system, despite its abuses, is at the core good and helpful. Doctors and nurses in America are some of the best on this planet, and they  care immensely. The fault lies with the people who support a faulty larger system–that is all of us We can make better choices. 

The problem with the larger system include: the insurance industry,  the condition of farms, the quality of water, overuse of pharmaceuticals, the medical care of children, the way we  do not support clean energy. Furthermore, we support agribusiness, a threat to the earth. The government will not rescue us: it is corrupt, self serving, and, in fact, part of the problem. Most politicians come from the class of the exceedingly rich who are the CEOs(or supported by) of the military/petrochemical/ medical industry.

           Is all this overstatement? Is all this hysteria, unscientific and the product of an earthy/crunchy ex hippie –as one of my patients recently called me! No, the warning signs are all over, red flags shooting up in every corner and section. Big agribusiness farms now control American farming, and they run on oil, gas, toxic chemicals, and a routine abuse of the earth. Other examples: boys and girls sexually maturing earlier than ever, the rise of every kind of cancer despite all the promises of a cure on the horizon (another sham), the rise of a host of diseases that are of mysterious origins and no cure ( the tragic autism), and the alarming depletion of certain vital species in nature like bees and bats and birds. The biggest and most glaring clue is, however, what I see every week in my clinic: middle aged and elderly people with pills, pills and more pills: high blood pressure, arthritis, dementia, high cholesterol, depression and fatigue. We need to promote the use of ecological medicine for everyone, especially for the young, who cannot tolerate the chemicals as much as adults, for the elderly, who want to age gracefully drugfree, and for females, who often are forced to make choices that are not good for their bodies. Let’s learn more and more, and each day make sensible choices for out bodies. Above all, treat our bodies with respect as a special vehicle for our life energy. Give our bodies the best every day: in food, natural medicines, fun and exercise. 


FUTURE TOPICS: health of farms, soil and farm animals, herbal medicine and why they are necessary and good, the treatment of cancer–what is going on here? 



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