2013–A new Year to treat the body well.

It is amazing that it is 2013. Another year gone, and a new one already on its way. It is a time to reflect on where our life is going, what we want for the new year. It does not have to be a serious examination: a clear perspective for renewed energy and affirmation for the coming year. For ourselves, our bodies, our friends and colleagues, all the people we come in contact with, and for our planet.


photo source: flickr.com/photos/21560098@N06


One thing that we need to do, that we should do with gladness, is take good care of our bodies. We take our body for granted, and often ignore it, even abuse it. We don’t give the body the best fuel, not enough sleep, and not enough time for rejuvenation.  Our bodies are remarkable, the most remarkable computer ever devised. Besides it is the vehicle that carries us and our life energy forward into daily life. We have incredible functions like vision, thought, digestion and hearing that we take for granted.

I recommend to patients to spend one hour a day caring for the body. It is, after all, our best friend. Welcome it each day when we awaken, acknowledge it, and spend an hour giving your friend some attention and care! I recommend that people do what they like doing: work-outs (workout trainer!) yoga, therapeutic stretching, swimming, tai chi, walking, or biking. Some movement, some fun, some time for the body and rejuvenation. In that hour taking a long and relaxing shower can be included: warm water, stretching and luxuriating is what the body loves! Sometimes total relaxation is needed: deep meditation where the brain is still and the body quiescent like a pool. For that short time there are no goals, few thoughts, no expectations, and for once the body can be, just be, simple and free and not rushing.

As adults we are always on the move, thinking, planning, working, driving, doing chores. There is always thoughts, images and expectations in the brain. The vehicle of the body is always being pushed and pulled: noises, cars, radios, projects, socialization, internet and all the rest.

Time out for the body is time out for the whole person, the spirit and the precious life energy. We only have so many years, so much life energy. That life energy, or Chi, is what gives us vitality and life. It animates the body and brain and feelings. We need to treat the life energy and body well. They are the most important fact of life, of living.

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